Egbon Lubricant brand is a superior quality brand blended for the everyday rigor of our daily lives. We designed our package sizes for the routine automobile maintenance needs of the low-income consumer in the Automobile Aftersales market at a superior value price. Value is our virtue.

Product Detail

Egbon is a high-grade non-synthetic lubricant brand that is blended in Nigeria by our world class partner Bestaf Trading Company Limited.

It’s designed for use in both 2-stroke engines. Our standard packaging sizes are 0.5L and 1.0L bottles at a competitive price for easy market access and reach.

Egbon is a non-synthetic oil used in areas where high and low temperature performance is required.

Our non-synthetic oils are used for simple and regular engine designs and manufactured according to various viscosity grades. Egbon Engine oils are widely used for lubricating internal combustion engines in different types of automotive, off-road vehicles, and they are generally composed of 75%-90% of base oils and 10%-25% of additives

Egbon blends includes Premier 2T SAE 40 and Premier Xtra 20W-50 4T.

Premier 2T
SAE 40

is an Ultra High Performance passenger automotive non-synthetic Engine Oil scientifically formulated with global ultimate active cleansing technology and designed for the most advanced modern two-stroke motorcycle petrol engines (Power Bikes)

Premier Xtra 20W-50 4T

is a low-ash superior detergent oil developed specifically for small horsepower petrol driven two stroke and four stroke engines for separate lubrication or premix lubricant fuel application suited for 4-stroke engine Tricycles and Motorcycles.